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Bucks while mounting? Mounting Problems

Original Question

Angie, would you take this same approach with a kids pony who has decided to throw out some little bucks while the child is mounting?
We recently acquired a “little unicorn” for my daughter who is just that, except for the mounting stage where he’ll try to buck her off. He’s an older pony who has been a paddock ornament for over 12 months so I feel he’s just testing us.
I’m trying to find a way to stop this behaviour without putting my daughter at risk or ruining her confidence. 

Angie’s Answer

Hi Lisa,

If you felt safe you could try this approach above, though if it were me I would treat the pony like a normal horse that has had 12 months off (especially if he hasn’t had a lot of consistent education) and ‘re-start/re-break’ him in again. Especially if you need him super, super safe for kids.

I would work through all the groundwork with him and then also do the groundwork with a saddle on and THEN practise the above steps. It depends on how consistent you plan on working with him but I would suggest weeks or even months of solid groundwork with him. Unfortunately there are no quick fixes for these things, it’s just knowing what to do and then putting in the time and work.

I have tagged you in the PDF doc. that explains the order of all the groundwork videos, I thought this may help.

Also, you could watch Bobby the brumbies videos too…/follow-a…/major-bob/



Angie Wicks

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