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Do you have any help with a horse that Won’t take its Correct Lead?

Original Question

Hi Angie,
I want to know do you have any help with a horse that won’t take its correct lead?
I’ve just started to ask more of Chester in his ridden canter, this is his difficult side which I used to get the kick out on but just the occasional one now but now he just takes the easy way out and takes the wrong lead.
Thank you.

John’s Answer

In this video John answers a members question on what to do with a horse that won’t pick up the correct lead in the canter.  This is a common problem so John starts by explaining why this problem occurs and then he moves onto explaining different exercise that he uses to help with this problem. 

John is riding a young horse that very green broke so you are able to see how he goes about teaching the horse all the exercises and also how John makes corrections when things go wrong.   

This is a great video for helping a horse get the correct canter lead but it is also an excellent video if you are riding a young green horse.    


We hope you enjoy the video. n



Angie Wicks

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