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How do I go about improving my Downwards Transitions and Halts – Stops?

Original Question

Hey Angie,

I have had a long term issue with downward transitions and halts when riding my otherwise perfect boy. Yes, I am a little biased…

I’d love your suggestions on which videos to watch that will help address this.

Also, totally acknowledge that there is quite likely a rider issue contributing to the situation as well.

Thanks a bunch!

Angie & John’s Answer


Below are links to FOUR video suggestions to help answer the question on how to go about Improving upwards and downward transitions.


I suggest you get started by watching the three videos in the member’s library

Video Suggestion 1:…/downward-transitions…/


Video Suggestion 2:…/staying-soft-in-the…/


Video Suggestion 3:…/bullseye-downwards…/


Video Suggestion 4: (just the first 15 minutes or so where I explain body position and anchoring. It’s super important you aren’t bracing in your body and bracing with your hands in the downward transition), hence why I may need to do another video and explain this in relation to doing downward transitions.…/ride-with-soft-contact…/


Hope these videos help for now,

Happy riding, Angie



Angie Wicks

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