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How to get an Active Forward Walk, smooth Trot to Walk Transitions? Not an abrupt Downward Transition

Original Question

Hi Angie.
Tips appreciated on getting a good forward walk? My horse prefers stop from a jog. 
I find it hard to transition from jog to walk.  He just goes straight to stop.

Angie’s Answer

Hi Lisa,

Below is a video to watch on improving your upwards and downwards transitions, more along the line of Western Dressage. The transitions in WD have to be seamless, not abrupt so in this video I talk about a few things that help keep the horse active and engaged in both upwards and downwards transitions i.e. walk to trot and trot to walk (your case).

I think the tips in this video will help you with this problem.…/three-things-to-improve…/



Angie Wicks

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