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How to help with a hors that Spins like a bottle – Bottle Spins

Original Question

Hi Angie and John.

Loving the video subscription.

My mare Willow spins like a bottle.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Angie and John’s Answer

When a horse bottle turns in their spins, it means their front feet are moving away from your outside leg while their ribcage and hindquarters are leaning into your outside leg, causing the bottle turning effect.
So to correct this, I would do lots of sidepassing to teach your horse to move both their shoulders and hindquarters away from your outside leg.

Then when you are ask your horse to spin again use your outside rein to ask for the spin and then only use your outside leg if they don’t go off the neck rein.

You want your horse to turn themselves around.  If they stop when you leave them alone, draw your neck rain across their neck and also use your outside leg with the rein cue to reinforce the aid.
Then once they move off the aid release your outside leg but expect them to keep turning.

Hope this helps,
John and Angie



Angie Wicks

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