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How to lunge a Lazy Horse and you do more work than the horse?

Original Question

Hi Angie,
Just like to say how great it was yesterday, your video collection is a valuable tool to have access to, and being able to just get a few tweaks yesterday on lunging was great.

You mentioned a video to watch on Lunging.
Can you please remind me which one it was please?

Just love the relationship that is building between me and my horse, thank you!

Angie’s Answer

Great question.  For those of you that weren’t there, a quick recap. Carol’s horse puts minimal effort into most things (I am sure you have all had one of those, I know I have had a few). Carol was doing 80% of the work riding him and he was doing 20% of the work so first we addressed some techniques for that but the main focus of the lesson was on the ground. We worked on lunging and again Carol was doing 80% and he was doing 20%, and was thinking he was pretty clever until……….. I showed Carol how to Lunge him using the principles of the ‘Tracking Method’ and then we got onto ‘Self-Lunging’. Where Carol did 10% of the work and he did 90% of the work. It would have been such a fantastic video as the change was incredible in such a short period.

Carol and for anyone else wanting to watch videos on how to lunge in a way that you are:

  • not micromanaging your horse
  • offering very clear and consistent communication cues so your horse stays engaged in your conversations
  • teach your to maintain gait and maintain direction by themselves
  • making lunging super easy!

I will put the links to two videos below that will help better understand these two lunging methods.

Lunging Explained – Simulation:…/lunging-explained…/

Self – lunging for the First Time:…/training-a-wild-brumby…/


Angie Wicks

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