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How to use my body when my miniature only comes up to my knees?

Original Question

I’ve got a little question, I would love some insight on Angie Wicks…I want to work with my little mini Ellie Mae in the same way I do with a horse and I’m curious about how to use my body when she only comes up to my knees – lol ! She is only 31 inches.

I think she is a red horse so I’ve been working on the connection and relationship stuff using the videos you have on Bella Trix as I feel like she can have the same busy brain…and I have a feeling her last owners were very heavy handed with her training so she tends to plant her feet and not move if she gets anxious (which could also be a bit blue and like a freeze), or she tries to run in front or block me with her shoulder. She is such a sweet horse and loves connection but gets anxious when asked to do things like go out on a circle.

So Im wondering if there are any tips I can use to communicate with her like I would with Jasper – I have been squatting down to her height for all the connection stuff so she can see me…thankfully I have strong thighs !


Angie’s Answer


Below are 5 videos to answer Lisa’s question on working with her miniature horse. The videos explain how I use my stick and string and stick and flag. They also touch on ‘blue’ and ‘red’ horses.

Videos are on AWE – private Facebook group – 1st July 2021

Lisa if she has had heavy handling I would also suggest working on desensitisation with different things until she REALLY relaxes and totally stays present in the process. Go really slow and reward the tiniest changes in her expression.

Also it sounds like she doesn’t know anything about two way compassionate communication and that it actually can be enjoyable and engaging.

It sounds like she has had a lot of yelling (if she was a human), confusing and conflicting communication where nothing has made sense or/and been traumatic.

So it’s your job to teach her humans and horses CAN have engaging and enjoyable conversations.

With a horse this has had this type of experience I would suggest going REALLY slow, but make sure you are SUPER clear when you ask her to do something but going slow means only asking for the tiniest try each time, a change in ear or eye, one step and release instantly and reward all the tiny acknowledgements or tiny tries.

This will start to build her confidence with human communication. Also hold the connection at the end so she stays present with you, doesn’t shut done or get anxious during or after each communication.

Build what you ask of her slowly so she starts to see that communication feels okay, over time she will start to engage in the communication as it feels good. 



Angie Wicks

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