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How would I go about introducing a bitless bridle and how do you know a horse is ready to try one?

Original Question

Hey Angie,

I’ve been thinking of trying a bitless bridle with Jasper at some stage and wondered if you had any videos or advice on which ones are good to buy and how I would go about introducing it and how you know a horse is ready to try one?

Angie’s Answer

I think you could try it anytime, though my suggestion would be to ride your horse first in their normal bridle and then when you have had a good ride and they are relaxed THEN try the bitless bridle at the end BUT in a small area, like a round yard or small safe fenced area and only do what feels safe and build on it after each ride and see how it feels.

This is the one that Sarah’s suggested a while ago – I think she uses it with her horses



Angie Wicks

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