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My horse won’t stand still while getting on? Mounting Problems

Original Question

Hi Angie ,

I was wondering if you have any info on a horse that won’t stand still while getting on?
Chester goes round and round when I’m trying to put my foot in the stirrup to get on.
Thank you

Angie & John’s Answer

Practise getting up and down with bend and him staying RELAXED without getting on. I would also incorporate this into his groundwork. 
Jane saddle him up and do a good groundwork session with him and in between any exercises, especially lunging (for relaxation) I would also practise stepping up and down with his head bent (exactly) like someone would with a young horse. But don’t get on.  Then when he IS relaxed, swing your leg over slowly and stand still and relax. Then dismount, don’t stay on long. Then if he is relaxed with that add another step.

Once you get on and relax, then practise lateral flexion (no tension in your bum cheeks) both sides, slowly and smoothly. Then dismount. Build the time you stay on. Just incorporate it into your groundwork session. ONLY once he is complexly relaxed ask him to walk off. Then do an exercise that focuses on relaxation straight away.

When you get on BE IN A RUSH TO DO NOTHING!!!…/leading-for-relaxation…/ 



Angie Wicks

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