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What if your horse is hard to draw to you? What is the motivation to get them to come?

Original Question

Hi Angie,

What if your horse is hard to draw?
What is the motivation to get them to come?
I have one horse that does and the other not so much.

Angie’s Answer

I would suggest watching the groundwork theory video on all the different types of horses first, this will help you understand your different horses in much more depth. This will also help you understand the WHY.

My guess is that your horse that doesn’t have a big draw is a ‘soft blue’, not a lot of motivation to move their feet and slower with things, doesn’t put a lot of effort in (or they are a ‘soft red’ and not confident enough yet). I am going to guess ‘soft blue’. These types of horses are motivated by different things. The theory video explains all of this.

Start with small draws, then you could add positive reinforcement, such as a treat but only if they don’t mug you for the food. This will spark his/her interest. Then do it randomly.
To get really big draws you do need to have energy and play drive. Though I don’t teach people to create lots of energy and play drive until their horse is safe and the person is refined in their cues.
So I would start by watching the theory videos to see what type of horse you have and then work out what they are motivated and need more of.
Then you could try positive reinforcements with a treat (but make sure you have a VERY clear cue) to ‘come/draw’ and then slowly take away the treats or do them randomly to still keep the interest.

Hope this helps.



Angie Wicks

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