Do I have to be a certain level of skill or experience to join?
No! Wicks Equine is for you no matter what your skill level or experience, regardless of your discipline or interests with your horse. You will be welcomed and supported on your journey with your horse. The website has been designed into four main menus and inside each main menu there are numerous different training categories and majority of the categories have been leveled into three stages of learning starting with ‘Getting Started’ then ‘Intermediate’ and then ‘Advanced’ so it caters for all levels.
I don't have much time! What do I need to commit to so I can get the most out of it?
Wicks Equine is entirely self-paced, and there is certainly no expectation from us. Obviously the more energy and time you put into your learning and applying this knowledge with your horse to develop your skills, feel and timing the more you will get out of it, like anything in life. We understand that everyone has different time restraints. The work with horses is also a way of life. You can implement a lot of the principles into your personal life, your work, parenting skills, relationships and self-growth too.
Does it matter where in the world I live?
No! Our goal is to have members from all over the world. The content is all online, so as long as you have an internet connection, you can learn, study and interact with members from all over the world. The settings inside each video also allows you to lower the quality for each videos, so you are still able to watch the videos if you don’t have fast internet.
How does the monthly subscription work?

The monthly subscription is a recurring payment, this means that you will be charged each month until you unsubscribe. You will be charged from the day you subscribe through to the same day of the subsequent months.

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What happens once I subscribe?
Once you subscribe you will receive an email confirmation with login instructions. Sometimes this email may go to your junk folder. If you do not receive it, just send an email with the date you subscribed and your subscription email address and we will trouble shoot this for you. We respectfully asks that you do the right thing and don’t share your login details with anyone else (other than your partner).
How are the videos organised and how often is new content added to the website?

You can learn from just Angie’s video library, you can learn from just John’s video library OR you can join with a combined membership and learn from both Angie and John.
Angie’s video library has two main menus inside with over 250 training videos:

  • Groundwork to Connect & Engage: 18 different categories inside!
  • Ridden Work to build Confidence & Finesse in the Saddle: 15 different categories inside.

John’s video library has two main menus inside with over 250 training videos:

  • Foundation Training to : 11 different categories inside!
  • Reining Training: 13 different categories inside!

Nearly all the categories are organised into ability levels, ‘Getting Started’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’ unless it’s not relevant for that training category. Therefore it is really easy to navigate around the website and find videos on areas that you are interested in and videos that are relevant for your level of experience.

There is also a ‘Follow a Horse’ Category in both Angie and John’s Library so you can watch the progress of some of your favourite horses in a sequential order.

New video content is updated weekly. If you have any video suggestions email us and we will do our best to make videos on these topics.

How do I make changes to my membership or unsubscribe?
Just go to ‘My Account’ and you can make changes to your account, membership, billing details, including unsubscribing. If you unsubscribe you will receive a confirmation email when you have successfully unsubscribed. If you don’t receive this email, please try unsubscribing again.
What is the best way to view or watch the videos?
We recommend you use Google Chrome as the browser to view all the videos. This is because there are many updates going on behind the scenes with browsers and plugins that allow videos to be viewed and Google Chrome updates these often. If you have left your browser open for some time, you can refresh it by pressing CTRL F5 or close and reopen the page and it will update the page.
Can I get a refund?
If the problem is caused by a technical mistake or problem on our part then we will most definitely give you a refund. However if you simply forget to cancel or unsubscribe before your next monthly payment is deducted or you accidently signed up for two accounts and it has nothing to do with a technical issue on our part then there will be no refund. When you unsubscribe you will received a confirmation email, if you do not receive this email it means you were unsuccessful and should try unsubscribing again or email us immediately. There are no refunds for Yearly Subscriptions.
We hope to meet you on the inside of the Video Library