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Equissage has a long history of producing therapy systems that stand out as the benchmark in equine therapy. Our passion is helping riders, competitors, trainers, and breeders of all levels produce excellent results in improving performance, maintaining peak condition and as a powerful rehabilitation tool. The Equissage, Cycloid Vibration Therapy (CVT) has been helping people and animals since 1949 improve healing, mobility and ease joint/muscle pain.The very best in equine therapy systems have just become smarter, lighter and more advanced. Hundreds of hours of redevelopment, refinement, and technology advances have now created a new range of Equissage products that are more versatile, easier to use and simply better than ever before.The Equissage EDGE CVT System, Equissage EDGE Pony and Equissage RIDER Pad all combine to create a range of medical grade therapy devices for horses, minis, pony’s & riders. Our holistic approach to equine and rider health and performance is the key to finding the EDGE you have been looking for.


About Jim Taylor Custom Saddles

If you want to find out more or order a Jim Taylor Custom Saddle contact Paul from the;

Horseman’s Trading Post
481 Underwood Rd
Rochedale South, QLD, 4123
Phone: (07) 3341 5220
Email sales@horsemanstradingpost.com.au

Jim Taylor has spent most of his like in the company of horses of all kinds including breeds ranging from thoroughbreds, appaloosas, paints, Arabians, and quarter horses. He began with just plain trail riding to almost every western event offered in the show ring. Like most aspiring riders, Jim worked for many different trainers to learn all he could.

He has trained and shown in everything from western pleasure, trail, recitation, and hackamore and full bridle stock horses. His favorite events we always reining and working cow horse winning consistently in each of these events in his younger days.

In 1971, he purchased a western saddle and tack store in the Pacific Northwest and became very interested in providing professional quality saddles and tack to top professional western trainers and showmen of the day. This led to a full-time manufacture and repair shop with his best friend, Paul White. After selling his shop to his friend, he left for Texas in 1981 to start a new venture in saddle making and therest is history.

Jim has applied his experience in training pens and show rings to building equipment that really works.

In his words, “we build the ridability first and the pretty second”.

He rides what he makes and knows what to listen for when designing a professional quality saddle for trainers making a living in the saddle.

The saddles are handcrafted, “we use only Herman Aak #1 grade leather, real sheepskin wool skirt liner, the finest seat leathers, therapeutic memory seat foam, and all stainless steel hardware. Our tooling is the very best. All seat jockeys and fenders are glove leather lined for durability and softness, all ground seats are put in by hand, and our silver trim is handmade by our own silversmith in heavy sterling overlay. We have many different tooling styles, the ability to customise any silver trim, and three different colors of finishes: natural golden, chocolate, and chestnut”

About Gidgee Eyes

Gidgee Eyes sunglasses are the ultimate horse riding sunnies! They are made out of T-R 90 which is a nylon fabric which gives the frame flexibility and makes them impact resistant.

Gidgee lenses have been selected and tested by Australian competitive horse riders under harsh conditions. The colour of the lens and the level oflight transmittal in your lens combination has been identified as the optimum for all horse sport environments. Tapered polycarbonate lenses provide you with enhanced optical clarity.

Polycarbonate lenses are extremely lightweight while maintaining superior impact resistance. All Gidgee quality lenses comply with Australian standard AS/NZS 1067:2003 and provide 100% UVB, UVA and UVC protection.

Gidgee Eyes also provide a Polarised option to their lenses which dramatically reduces glare through directional filtering. You will notice the difference in all sport environments in conditions where you can find glare on any surface from sand arenas to outback dust.

About Horseman’s Trading Post

Horseman’s Trading Post is a western saddlery based on the south side of Brisbane (approx 20 mins from the CBD). Established in 1969, for nearly 50 years they have been providing valued customers with quality USA and Australian sourced western clothing, show clothing, saddles, saddlery & gift wear.

The Horseman’s Trading Post are your premier western pleasure store as one of Australia’s largest specialists in western performance. Their mobile store can also be found at most of the state and national pleasure and reining shows on the eastern coast.Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Phone them on;(07) 3341 5220
Email: sales@horsemanstradingpost.com.au or visit them in store at;
Horseman’s Trading Post
2/3257 Logan Rd
Underwood, QLD 4119

They may have what you need in stock and just haven’t uploaded it to the website yet. Or if they don’t have it in stock they more than likely be able to order it in for you.