Groundwork Clinic Friday 22nd March

In this clinic Angie will go deep into understand horse psychology, explaining different horse's unique personalities and temperaments and how you can then adapt your training for each individual horse. You will be amazed at how much you will learn about how your horse learns and what your horse needs from you to improve the relationship and connection you have with your

Ridden Clinic Saturday & Sunday 23rd & 24th March

In this Ridden Clinic Angie will Cover:

– Application of the aids and riding with subtle aids.
– Improve your feel timing and training techniques.
– Body control training exercises.
– Body awareness, breath and rider position.
– Transitions, circles, yields, and lateral exercises.
– Problem solving for every problem that comes up
– All levels and all disciplines welcome.

VENUE: Capricorn Equestrian Centre

ADDRESS: 291 Mt. Wheeler Road VIA Mackays Road, BONDOOLA, Qld

Ground Work Friday 22nd March 2024

COST: $200 for the day /  $50 fence sitting

includes lunch and  morning/afternoon tea

Ridden Clinic Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March 2024

$400 for the weekend /  $50 fence sitting / day or $90 fence sitting Saturday / Sunday

Includes camping, lunches and morning/afternoon teas


Angie teaches both Groundwork Clinics and Ridden Clinics depending on the participant’s interests. The Groundwork Clinics are perfect for people wanting to learn how to develop a deep connection with their horse.
The Groundwork Clinics are suitable for yearlings to older horses with all breeds of horses welcome. Angie can also cover Float Loading & Problem Solving at clinics. If people are more advanced with their ground skills Angie can cater a clinic towards teaching Liberty Preparation or Getting Started with Liberty Work.
In her Ridden Clinics Angie will tailor a clinic to suit the participant’s interest. Angie teaches General Horsemanship, Body Control, Western Dressage, Dressage and Reining Clinics. Angie enjoys teaching Ridden Clinic to all breeds of horses and all disciplines from English to Western and also people who have horses for general pleasure riding.
Angie has an excellent ability to break things down so all the techniques and concepts are easily understood. She focuses on different training exercises and maneuvers so people go home with a clear training program. She also does a session on rider positions at her ridden clinics & enjoys seeing the difference in the horses when the riders make these changes.