Desensitisation with a Stick and Flag for the First Time – Day 1 & Day 2 – Sniper
7.58 minutes – In this video Angie introduces a stick and flag to a 2 year old that has come in to be started under saddle. This video shows Day 1 and also Day 2. Day 1 is his first session in the round yard. Angie wants him to understand that the stick and flag is just a way for her to communicate with him. She uses it as an extension of her arm. She starts with a low increment of pressure and builds to where he can stand still and accept the stick and flag touching him and being waved around his body in rhythmic motion. This is just the start of teaching desensitisation and relaxation to a stick and flags. You will notice that he is more accepting and relaxed with the flag on Day 2.


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Angie Wicks