Desensitisation to a Stick & Flag – 4 year old warmblood Stallion with Limited Handling – Day 1 – Issy
4.26 minutes – Issy is a 4 year old warmblood stallion that has had very limited handling. The owner has asked Angie and John to Start him Under Saddle and the owner hopes to do Dressage with him. Issy was actually turned out to grow and agisted at a property not far from Angie and John. However the owner doesn’t feel confident to get him to their place. Angie has gone to the property to start handling him so she can then trailer load him safely to their property.
Angie assessed him for the owner 3 weeks previously, she only worked with him for about 15-20 minutes. Angie has just finished free lunging him in the round pen and she has just put the halter on to desensitisation him to the stick and flag. She begins by starting with a number 1 intensity pressure in the flag. You will notice she constantly allows Issy to smell the flag to keep him connected to the conversation, this also helps build his confidence in the tool and process.


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Angie Wicks