Desensitisation to the Stick and String Over the Horse’s Back –Reading Your Horse’s Subtle Signs – Lesson 2 – Nadia & Belle
22.49 minutes – In this video Angie works with Nadia and Belle on desensitisation with the stick and string. The goal is to deepen Belle’s trust and confidence in Nadia and the tools she is using for the communication. At this stage Belle is only just tolerating the process, at times she starts to show more relaxation. At one point Belle checks out and disconnects. In the video Angie explains that it is important to read the difference between when your horse is relaxing or checking out. When this happens Angie shows Nadia different strategies she can use to help Belle to re-connect. Angie also shows Nadia how to get Belle’s attention and draw her towards her with her energy. Angie explains how to notice and reward all the subtle signs our horses give us through their expressions in their ears, eyes and mouths.


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Angie Wicks