Fixing Quarters Trailing in the Leg Yield

20.14 minutes – In this video Angie helps a rider with their leg yield.  The rider explains that her horse has a ‘trailing hindquarter’ and wants to address this problem in the leg yield.  However Angie explains that the problem would be a ‘leaking shoulder’.  Many people think their horse leaves their hindquarters behind in the leg yield, however what is really happening is that their horse is going out through their outside shoulder.  To overcome this problem the rider needs to not use their inside rein but rather use regular half-halts with their outside rein to keep their horse straight and slow the outside shoulder down.  It’s about setting and controlling the horse’s shoulders. 

Angie first gets the rider to go sideways and explains the sequence of the aids and gets the rider to use their inside leg to ask for sideways but control the horse’s outside shoulder with the outside rein. Once they can do this they try the leg yield.

Towards the end of the lesson Angie gets on the rider’s horse to show the rider how to ask for the sideways with the inside leg and then control the forwards and outside shoulder with the reins.   


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Angie Wicks