Go Anywhere but Maintain Gait – DAY 1 – Ebony & Teddy

23.36 minutes – In this video Angie coaches Ebony through a Loose Rein riding exercise and explains that she wants Ebony to make a program out of the exercise.  She wants Ebony to think of it like a gym program where she practicing this same exercise each time she rides until it’s a little better each ride.  It’s important about developing consistency when you practise an exercise. 
In this exercise she allows the horse to go anywhere they like (in a safely fenced arena) and the rider rides on a neutral rein without micro-managing or steering their horse.  The horse can go anywhere they like as long as they maintain the same gait.  If the horse slows down the rider can ask them to speed up again.  If the horses speeds up the rider bends them to a stop and waits a few seconds before asking the horse to maintain the same gait. 


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Angie Wicks