Hindquarter Control – Exercise 3 & Exercise 4
8.09 minutes – In this video John explains two hindquarter exercises using two cones. John uses these exercises to create a good foundation for his young horses. These exercises will work towards building soft lead departures and eventually flying lead changes. The first exercise is what John refers to as Exercise 3; John uses his inside leg and both reins to help keep the horses shoulders straight and front feet moving forwards on the circle while his outside leg moves back to push the hindquarters to the inside of the circle. John works on this exercise a lot as it’s important in preparing for a lead departures. The second hindquarter exercise he refers to as Exercise 4. John rides in a slight counter arc with the horse’s nose to the outside of the circle, then he uses his inside leg to ask the horse to step his hip to the outside of the circle. In the video John beings with Exercise 3 around the first cone with the horses nose and hip to the inside. Then as he comes through the middle of the two cones, John uses his inside leg and reins to push the horse around the second cone, keeping the nose and hip to the outside. John releases after every couple of steps when the horse gives its hindquarters to the outside of the circle.


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Angie Wicks