Hooking onto a Small Jog Circle with Bazza
7.16 minutes – In this video John works on getting Bazza to hook onto a small circle. John explains the importance of leaving him alone when he hooks onto the circle so he finds the small circle comfortable. You will notice John has a lose rein and only steers him back to the small circle when he leaves the circle and then goes straight back to a loose rein. Every time John picks up he wants Bazza to move his shoulders and feet and steer back onto the circle. It’s important you focus your body positon to the direction of the circle so your horse learns to follow your focus. When your horse starts to hunt the circle their inside ear normally flicks to the inside, their head gets lower and they start to slow down and relax. Make sure you reward your horse by stopping when they start to hook onto the circle.


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Angie Wicks