HQ Yield – Stage 3 & Stage 4 – Why a Horse would Stop or Drift Out in Stage 4

14.37 minutes – In this video Angie helps a rider work on Stage 4 of Yielding the Hindquarters.  First Angie starts by checking the rider is able to do Stage 3 correctly, once this is established Angie moves onto Stage 4.  In Stage 4 the rider has to maintain the walk but slow it down a little and then ask the horse to yield its hindquarters a few steps only and then maintain forward without stopping.  This exercise is a real balancing act between the rider’s leg and hand aids.  This exercise is also moving away from disengaging the hindquarters to the start of engaging the horse’s hindquarters. 

The horse isn’t very forward and the rider is blocking with her hands a little too much.  Angie gets her to half-halt ‘catch and give’ more with her hands so the horse can maintain forward in the exercise.  Angie also helps the rider to use her outside rein more effectively. 


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Angie Wicks