Learning to Read Your Horse’s Subtle Expressions; Ears, Eyes & Mouth using Approach & Retreat with the Stick & String – Lesson 1 – Madi & Sugar
26.55 minutes – In this video Angie gives Madi a lesson with her horse Sugar on desensitisation with the stick and string. However, it was more about Madi keeping the relationship positive while doing the task. At the start of the lesson Angie explained that Sugar was actually anticipating that he had to do something when Madi picked up the stick. Angie got Madi to focus on really relaxing her posture and turning her energy off when she used her stick and string for desensitisation. They only used soft rhythmic motion but Angie wanted Madi to read into what Sugar was thinking and feeling about it. When he acknowledged the process Madi stopped. Towards the end of the session Sugar started to relax more into the process and the end goal would be that he not just relaxed but he totally accepted the process.


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Angie Wicks