Lesson with a Student – Lunging Using the Tracking Method – Offer a much Softer Number 1 Communication Cue
8.40 minutes – In this video Angie helps a student self-lunge their horse. She wants the student to offer a much softer Number 1 pressure with everything she does; the back-up, send and disengagement of the hind quarters so the horse starts to tune in and respond to much softer communication cues. However, if you don’t follow through with Number 3 pressure, effective communication your horse won’t tune in and listen to your Number 1 soft communication cues. You may have to reach out and touch your horse with your stick and string behind the wither to get them to take your communication more serious. Straighten your arm, get bigger with your stick and string, create more energy and then touch them behind the wither. Once your horse starts to tune in and listen make sure you then soften your Number 1 cue. Remember the end goal is to get all your communication with your horse as soft, light and responsive as possible.


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Angie Wicks