Lunging a Horse That Ignores Communication & Then Overreacts

31.57 minutes – In this video Angie works with a horse that requires a lot of leadership on the ground.  She works on lunging and desensitising him to her tools.  He either ignores the communication completely and then when it doesn’t go away he over reacts.  He is the type of horse that gets easily activated and busy in the brain.  He also wants to cow-kick at her on the lunge.   He just hasn’t learnt to trust and understand communication yet, so it’s super important that Angie remains really calm and consistently and uses very clear communication with this horse. 

Over time he will realise that he is not to ignore her or over reacting.  Angie wants him to learn to start thinking and responding to her communication, this takes firm boundaries and very consistent and clear communication.  


In this video watch Angie problem solve a lot of different concepts on the ground with this slightly complex horse.  


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Angie Wicks