Lunging for the First Time – 4 year old warmblood Stallion with Limited Handling – Angie addresses 3 Common Problems – Day 1 – Issy
6.25 minutes – Issy is a 4 year old warmblood stallion that has had very limited handling. The owner has asked Angie and John to Start him Under Saddle and the owner hopes to do Dressage with him. Issy was actually turned out to grow and agisted at a property not far from Angie and John. However the owner doesn’t feel confident to get him to their place. Angie has gone to the property to start handling him so she can then trailer load him safely to their property.
In this video Angie teaches Issy to lunge for the very first time. In this session today Angie has already spent about 20 minutes doing the following pre-request skills to prepare him for lunging for the very first time. She has free lunged him to start to develop their communication. She has also taught him to back up a few steps at a time by wiggling the lead rope, she has briefly desensitized him to the stick and flag and also briefly touched on yielding his HQs. These are the basic pre-requests you need in place before teaching a horse to lounge or the first time.
In this video you will also see how Angie works through some common problems when teaching lunging. Issy tries to turn against her and go the wrong way, he also moves his feet when Angie is desensitising in between lunging rather than relaxing and standing still. He also goes forward towards Angie rather than going out and around Angie when she asks him to lunge. In this video you will see how Angie over comes these common lunging problems.


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