Day 2 – Paris -Lunging for the First Time During Starting Under Saddle
7.30 minutes – Paris is getting started under saddle and this is her second day with Angie. In this video Angie starts to teach her how to lunge for the first time. At the start of the session Paris is quite reactive to the flag and send cue but Angie ignores this to start with as she just wants Paris to understand how to go left and right and yield her hind quarters away to stop. Once Paris understands how to send left and right and yield her hindquarters to a stop then Angie starts to be more particular about how Paris is reacting to the send cue. Angie starts to slow Paris down and gets her to leave at a walk without blasting around her. This helps Paris to relax and respond to the pressure rather than over react. As a result Paris starts to yield her hind quarters off a lighter pressure and she also starts to lick and chew and her demeanor relaxes and softens.


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Angie Wicks