Lunging Session with a Student & Sharpening Communication Cues

21.33 minutes – In this video Angie works with a student that is used to moving her feet a lot and steps off out behind the drive line to lunge her horse.  Angie explains the important of going into active neutral so there is a release of pressure when the horse is doing the right thing. 


Angie also explains that this horse is confident by nature and isn’t a horse that takes things personally (‘strong blue’ by nature).  She explains that she has to be really particular about him yielding his hindquarters otherwise next time he won’t put much effort into doing it.  If you are ‘grey’ and inconsistent with your communication with these types of horses they can start to push boundaries. 


Angie also helps the student with improving her techniques of yielding the hindquarters and also experiments with what helps the horse find more calm and relaxation after lunging because he is a horse with a busy mind and finds it hard to quieten his mind. 


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Angie Wicks