Lyra – Hooking onto a Small Circle – Plus Maintaining the Trot without Riding Every Stride

21.55 minutes – In this video Angie works with a young filly called Lyra.  Lyra had a terrible injury to her leg as a weanling and needed major surgery, she was very fortunate to make a full recovery but had to wear a cast on her leg and stay locked in a stable for months with a lot of medications.  Because of this history at such a young age Lyra can be quite complex in her training.  She is confident in nature and sometimes she is happy to respond to the aids and other times she can become quite defensive to the aids, even if the aids are presently the same.    

Angie starts by explaining Lyra’s past because there are often times when Angie is riding Lyra that she has to deviate from the training exercise and address an issue before going back to the exercise. 


Angie explains how and why to teach a horse to Hook onto Small Circle.  She also explains common rider errors when working on this exercise.  Then when Angie asks Lyra up to a trot Lyra doesn’t want to maintain the trot so Angie explains what to do to help teach Lyra to maintain the trot by herself without Angie riding her every single stride.  Once Lyra starts to maintain the trot by herself, then Angie goes back to teaching her to hook onto the small circle at the trot. 


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Angie Wicks