Moving the Hindquarters & Ribcage at the Standstill & in Motion
13.16 minutes – In this video Angie starts by explaining how to teach a horse to yield their hindquarter from the stand still. It’s important the rider keeps the front feet still and applies the leg aid slowly to give the horse a chance to respond. Angie talks about micro-gives and how to apply different increments of pressure in the leg aid. The initial stages are disengaging the horse’s hindquarters. She then moves onto explain the next stages where she adds forward and also does it on a circle. At the more advanced stage she wants the rider to maintain forward and do the exercise on a circle. She is wanting the rider to lift the horses back up and yield a little through the end of their ribcage and step the horse’s inside foot deeper under the horses’ body. The advanced stage actually works on engaging the horse more. Towards the end of the video the horse gets much softer in the bit contact and this is a result of them lifting their back and becoming more supplying through the ribcage.


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Angie Wicks