Round Pen – Disengaging the HQs – Working at Liberty & with the Halter & Lead Rope to Support the HQ Yield – Lesson 2 – Madi & Sugar
32.17 minutes – In this video Angie gives Madi a lesson with her horse Sugar in the Round Pen. This lesson builds on the first lesson Angie did with Madi. Sugar is now disengaging his HQs however one side isn’t as good as the other and this effects his send in the other direction. If you horse doesn’t disengage all the way around and face up at liberty it is then difficult to send them off the other way. Angie gets Madi to put the halter and 22 foot rope back on and work on improving the HQ disengagement and also the send. It is important that when you can’t fix things at liberty or things go wrong that you put the halter and lead rope back on straight away. It is normally a misunderstanding in communication and if you try and fix it at liberty it can lead to further miscommunication and you can then lose your horse’s confidence quickly.


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