Round Pen – Putting the Relationship before the Task -Build more Confidence with the Disengagement by Slowing Down– Lesson 1 – Madi & Sugar
28.19 minutes – In this video Angie gives Madi a lesson with her horse Sugar in the Round Pen. Madi told Angie that she was having problems with Sugar not disengaging his hind quarters to stop and face up. Madi said he used to do it really well but the last 3-4 weeks it wasn’t as good but she wasn’t sure why. From the discussion before the lesson Angie thought perhaps Madi was perhaps rushing or going too fast with him the last few weeks so this lesson was about slowing everything down to build Sugar’s confidence again. At the start of the lesson Angie got Madi to disengage Sugar and go in and rub on him. This helped build his confidence of wanting to be with her and strengthen their relationship. As the session went on and Sugar relaxed and became more connected to Madi they spent less time after stopping him and re-sending him back out.
Angie also talked about using the drive line and how to maintain softer communication cues.


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Angie Wicks