Training a Wild Brumby (Mustang) Episode 37: Ridden – Corners Game
15.56 minutes – DAY 47 – In this video I explain a new game that I have been doing with Bobby over the past few weeks. At first I taught him a game where I rode from one large cone to another and each time he got to a cone he got a rest and get a big scratch. Bobby is a horse that doesn’t want to move his feet a lot and is lacking a lot in confidence. If I was to pressure him to go forward I think he wouldn’t cope, get really defensive and/or explode and as a result he would lose a lot of trust in me. Therefore I have had to make games with his ridden work. Once Bobby understood the game of going from cone to cone I then turned it into corner to corner around the big arena. At first I only worked on the sides of the arena that he was confident walking along. Once he gained confidence with the new game I started to venture to the other corners of the arena. The principles of the game are the same as the cone to cone game, however this time the distance between the corners were a little longer and he had to go alone the fence of the arena which required him to be a little braver. In this video I talk my way through everything that I am working on and doing with him during this new Corners Game.


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Angie Wicks