Training a Wild Brumby (Mustang) Episode 38: Ridden – Teaching Steering Using the Fence
5.58 minutes – DAY 50 – In this video I explain one of the techniques that I used in the first few weeks of riding Bobby to teach him how steer. I used the fence to help support the exercise. I allow him to drift off the fence a little then ask for a slight indirect rein to bend his head towards the fence and at the same time slide my inside leg back (leg closest to the fence) which unlocks his hind feet a step or two, then I direct his nose with the inside rein. The moment he starts to follow his nose I softly bump with my outside leg to support and push the turn.
Over time I will take away the indirect rein at the start of the turn, however if I just used the direct rein in the early stages he would learn to lean and/or fight against the inside rein for direction. In this video I also explain the indirect and direct rein and how I support these with an outside support leg.


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Angie Wicks