Understanding and Handling a Defensive, Sensitive, Worried & Unconfident Horse – Session 1 – Angie

32.30 minutes – Meet Flynn – Flynn arrived yesterday and the owner explained that he is sensitive, reactive at times, not very confident, defensive, anxious and worries about most things i.e. work boots, worming, movements, brooms, quad bikes, clippers, wheelbarrows and can pull back when tied up.

Flynn is a ‘soft red’ horse by nature.   These horses require a lot of feel, trust and reassurance from us to build their confidence and trust in our human world.  Many people go to fast and discipline these types of horses for being silly, naughty or difficult.  However, this just amplifies their worry and stress.

In this video watch how Angie builds Flynn’s trust and confidence in human communication and interaction.


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Angie Wicks