Walk Circle to Spin while Maintaining a Collected Frame
4.38 minutes – In this video John talks through how he goes into the spin from a small walk circle. John is really particular about how Teo walks the circle in preparation for the spin. John is wanting Teo to walk to the circle in a more compressed frame, he uses a little inside leg but mainly uses more outside leg and rides his legs up into his hands. He is wanting Teo to collect his frame, engage his hind quarters and lift and round his back in the small walk circle. If Teo hollows his back out and changes his frame when going into the spin John doesn’t allow him to spin, he keeps walking the circle until he gets the correct frame. He wants Teo to transition from the small walk circle into the spin and back out onto the circle while maintaining the same forward rhythm and collected frame over the back.


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Angie Wicks