Yielding the HQs From a Distance – Lesson with Nadia & Belle
16.00 minutes – In this video Angie gives Nadia a lesson with Belle. She explains how to teach Belle to yield her hindquarters when standing a few meters in front of her. This exercise is also good for liberty preparation. If your horse was thinking of leaving you at liberty you will be able to get them to come back to you if you have a really good hindquarter yield. Angie starts by explaining the soft, medium and effective communication cue for this exercise. Belle also blocks Nadia out and has a tendency to do this when she learns new things so Angie shows Nadia a few things she can do to re-engage Belle back into the learning process. Angie also gets Nadia to break down the exercise to make it easier to build Belle’s confidence and understanding of the exercise.


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Angie Wicks