Website Testimonials

With clear communication, practical exercises and real life examples Angie and John’s online video library is the best! I love getting my Wicks fix before heading out to play with my horses. It gives me a clear focus and purpose for the time I spend withthem. Subscribing has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my horsemanship journey, and I know my horses thank me too
Kerri Behrens

I joined the online video library and in a short time I couldn’t believe how much I had learnt. The way the videos are presented is great and the simple, easy to understand language and explanations are very relatable. I look forward to each new video and am very glad that I subscribed. Thank you Angie and John!
Rosemarie Micallef

I have been using Angie and John’s video training library for some time now and love it!! In February 2021 I had an accident and smashed my wrist, ribs and worst of all my confidence. I was always determined that if I gave up riding it would be through a choice of my own not fear. So I joined the website and watched so many of the videos over and over and it gave me a plan on how to move forward and got me excited to ride again. Angie are John are very thorough when they explain each training exercise and the video library allows me to watch each video as many times as I need so I can get clear in my mind before I attempted to do it on my horse. I also love how Angie is available on the private FB group to ask questions. I have been working on my favourite lessons and although I wasn’t riding for 6 months, I took my horse out to his first show in in Western Dressage and upgraded him to Improve and we won two 2nd places with percentages up in the 70%. I strongly promote for anyone at any level to join their online training website. I am extremely thankful for such quality being shared and to know I am capable of learning and teaching my horse via the website and support so we can grow together as a team. Thank you Angie!
Carol Caldwell

I am a Reiner but also have a love for groundwork and liberty training. With fantastic, easy to follow content from both Angie and John, their subscription website is a one stop shop! I just love it!!!
Kath Milbourne

I am really enjoying learning from Angie and John’s website. I love that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and you can find ways to improve your horsemanship that works for both you and your horse. Angie and John have a calm and gentle teaching style and the way they talk you through all the exercises in the videos is so easy to understand. No matter what discipline or ability (Ridden, Groundwork, Western or English) there is something for everyone to learn.
Jaz Harris

John and Angie’s teaching style is simple and informative. The videos are absolutely fantastic; short, sweet and to the point. You don’t have to sit in front of a screen for hours to get 10 minutes of what’s needed. I would highly recommend the Wicks Equine website! Thank youAngie and John for all your time in sharing your knowledge with us all, it truly is a blessing.
Rita Mezo

The website has become a huge support for my training at home, both in the saddle and on the
ground. It is giving me such a clear direction forward with what I want to achieve with my horses. I feel much more confidence as a rider and I can see and feel the difference in my horses since joining. Thank you from my heart to yours!
Jennifer Hirst

The best thing about the videos on the website is they are short and to the point. I can get to the arena, watch a video and then practice it with my horse straight away. My horse has come along so well since adopting Angie and John’s training tips. My confidence has also increased knowing I am doing things the right way now.
Bec Gurski

After joining Angie and John’s membership website I have been able to take my learning to a whole new level! The online library is so simple to navigate, I can find an answer to any problem I am having and I love that I can bookmark my favorite videos to come back to again and again. The website is such fantastic value for money and a great way to access support when it’s not possible to get to clinics. I am more consistent with my training and more motivated to solve challenges with my horse. I have recommended Wicks Equine to so many horsey friends and my daughter is also a member. I love that we can learn together!
Lisa Mills

We just wanted to say how much we have been enjoying your training website. It has given us inspiration to put into practice what we’ve learnt with the groundwork and our riding. The different length of videos gives us the choice to watch a couple of quick videos, or on those rainy Sunday afternoons maybe watch one that is a bit longer. The videos are invaluable,we are able to watch and re-watch, talk with each other about what we’ve learnt, and then put it into practise with our horses. We’re really enjoying the online video library so much. There’s nowhere else you can learn so much at your own pace for such great value!
Kyla and Andy Fay

I just want to say what a supportive website that you have made for us to all learn from. I love the groundwork videos which has helped me so much with my young horse. I love the calmness within your training and how youfocus on keeping the horses in a relaxed learning state. The float loading videos came in handy when my horse all of a sudden would not load on the float. I really like the different levels; Getting Started, Intermediate and Advanced within each category inside the video library. They give an insight into what stage we need to start from or go from in both the ridden and groundwork library.
Jane Stone

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Angie and John for giving me the opportunity to continue my training at home using their online video website. Angie is a fantastic horsewoman with so much knowledge, she is able to explain and deliver instructions in the way that makes it easy to understand. I have found the online video website to be easy to use, reasonably priced and informative with lots of content on different training issues and techniques.
Amanda Matheson

I just wanted to thank Angie and John for a fabulous website and video library. It is so easy to navigate and covers such a wide range of topics. The videos are well filmed and very high quality, it’s also helpful to have the little synopsis at the top of each video. The ability to save videos to my favourites is a great function and the website is also mobile friendly, so it is easy to have a quick refresher while still in the saddle!Having the closed Facebook group is also helpful as it’s a safe place to ask questions, share successes and catch up with other members and their horses.I would definitely recommend all horse owners to check it out!
Jaime Davidson

Angie and John’s website is a treasure trove of information for anyone wanting to improve their horsemanship skills. The website is easy to use and the videos are just the right length.
Sandy Smith

The video library is definitely keeping up my motivation to progress and improve both my groundwork and riding by myself at home.I love that the website fits all levels of horses and riders; it doesn’t matter the discipline, how many years of experience you have with horses, or whether you are a professional competitor; you will keep finding videos with gold nugget pieces of information that will change the way you approach horses.
Kristie Dawes

What an awesome website you have made for people to be able to learn and experience the passion you have for horses and to be able to share it with us. Your website has a great layout, it’s easy to find what I want and all the videos are easy to follow. I also love how I can watch the same videos over and over again. So THANK YOU Angie for all you have created and all you do with horses and people, you are a real treasure.
Suzanne Groundwater

I’ve spent all my life with horses, the undeniable love for them was deep in my blood. When I discovered their online video library I signed straight up. The website is so easy to navigate and all the videos are so easy to follow and I often re-watch an exercise on my phone while sitting on my horse in the arena to make sure I’m getting it right. Thank you Angie and John for sharing you knowledge and experience, you truly are making a difference!
Sara Rossall

The video library is easy to understand and follow, and great to re-watch and recap different training exercises. It doesn’t matter what type of riding you prefer, there are videos for everyone. Angie and John’s videos explain every exercise or manoeuvres in a way that makes it easy to understand and enjoy. They will help you and your horse become a successful team and enjoy riding.
Hayley Smith